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Health Tips

My Daily Action Plan for success

Brittany Carlson

Back to school ladies and gents! For me that means a shift in my mentality— relaxed, jetsetting, carefree summer vibes -------> get sh*t done and be efficient vibes. I take a holistic view on my life when I approach kicking things into gear. This means I consider my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are my daily actions that help me keep a tight ship!

Morning Notes/To-do List 
I start my day by listing out 5 things I am grateful for and bulleting the actions I want to accomplish that day. Accomplishments can include things like call my mom or create a meal plan for clients A, B and C. And if I’m ever feeling down about myself, I write down 3 things that I like about me— this helps with self-confidence and appreciation.

Sweating is one of several ways to help your system push out unwanted waste (toxins, excess hormones, chemicals). I love killing two birds with one stone and combining cardio and weights. My go-to early morning class is GRIT at uforia. 50 minutes and I'm done for the day, and you move the ENTIRE class with great tunes and fun lighting. This is where I go to get my six pack back ; ) I also incorporate a vinyasa yoga class into my week to instill a mind-body connection and open up my hips and back.

Replenish my electrolytes. 
I always do this immediately after a workout. Electrolytes are ions that have the ability to conduct electricity in the body; the balance of these ions is essential for your cell and organ functions. Because your electrolyte balance can change when levels of water in the body change, I incorporate a high quality FRESH coconut water post workout. Harmless Harvest is my favorite.

Keep my blood sugar balanced. 
Fat, fiber, protein is my mantra. This is KEY for my getting sh*t done vibes I was talking about. For each snack or meal, I always make sure I get these three macronutrients to ensure that my blood sugar stays balanced throughout the day. 
You want to avoid extreme peaks and falls in insulin secretion and it is quite simple to manage this process. For example, if you have an apple, your energy will rise and so will your insulin but an hour later you’ll be hungry for something else to pick your energy back up. Next time, pair the apple with some almond butter (fat and protein), which will mitigate a steep insulin spike and fall, balance your energy and satiate you until your next meal. Here’s how my day usually looks. 
Breakfast - Chia seed pudding (the ultimate super food contacting all 3 macros— fat, fiber, protein) 
Lunch - fish (protein), squash and greens (fiber), olive oil (fat) 
Snack - coconut pumpkin seed mix
Dinner - chicken (protein), broccoli (fiber), greens (fiber) with avocado (fat)

Drink Water 
Hunger is often confused for thirst and we need water for most functions in the body. I aim for at least 8 cups a day to make sure I stay hydrated. I put challenges in place to help me stick to my plan-- I make myself drink two cups of water before eating any snack or meal.

Stick to anti-inflammatory foods…mostly! 
I practice the 80-20 rule when it comes to food. I like to call my nutrition plan plant-pumped-paleo. I focus on getting at least 3 cups of leafy greens onto my plate each day with high quality protein and fat. My favorite protein sources are wild salmon, sardines and turkey. I love a good piece of bavette steak every so often. I always make sure I get enough fat on my plate too since fat is your macronutrient that controls your metabolism and body temperature. My favorite fat sources are avocado, sardines (protein source too!), olive oil and coconut. I’m not allergic to gluten or dairy but I don’t make a habit of including these food groups since they are inflammatory triggers (cause unwanted swelling in the body). Oh and lastly, I stay away from anything with refined sugar. Stick to coconut sugar, honey or maple syrup ; )

Get to bed! 
My goal is to be in bed by 10pm. The liver, your biggest detox organ, does its main job between 10pm and 2am. Also, cortisol, known as your stress hormone, starts to peak around 11pm. If you don’t beat the cortisol rise, you don’t allow yourself to have as deep of a sleep and it may be harder to fall asleep to begin with. Beat your cortisol peak and let your liver do its thing by getting to bed by 10.