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Health Tips

The hidden chemicals you're exposed to on a nightly basis

Brittany Carlson

I recently learned that my bed, where I spend about 1/3 of my life is cause for concern. I never really thought about the process by which my mattress was made— bottom line is can I sleep on it? I bet many of you haven’t either so I wanted to pass on the good information. I was able to meet Beth Greer, author of Super Natural Home, where I learned all of the fun facts below. Here are the facts about your mattress--

▪ Most mattresses are made with synthetic ingredients that release chemicals into the air. I have a queen mattress which has about half a pound of toxic chemicals, so I’m breathing in chemicals whenever I’m in my bedroom.
▪ The majority of mattresses are treated with water and stain resistant chemicals as well as polybrominated biphenyl (flame retardant) which are all known carcinogens. Other toxic chemicals in mattresses are: boric acid, antimony trioxide, vinylidiene chloride, zinc borate, melamine, formaldehyde, decabromodiphenyl
▪ Beth says, “No other type of chemical exposure comes close to the intensity and duration of exposure to a mattress. Its in your face, with full body contact, every day, for years.”


There are a few ways that Beth recommends making a change. The cheapest and easiest option is to buy a topper that is organic and wool. The other option is to buy a new mattress, which can be expensive but there are a range of price options. Here are a couple places to look and Beth offers more options in her book.

European Sleepworks 
Mattress Works

Check out Super Natural Home if you want to learn more about how to make the healthy shift with your daily routine— in the kitchen, with cosmetics, household cleaning supplies, and more. Even better, look into getting a Healthy Home Detox!