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Health Tips

Castor Oil to Support Your Detox

Brittany Carlson

Is your body effectively taking out the waste? If you're not feeling your best, a castor oil pack can support your system to detox. I usually recommend this to people that are struggling with an infectious disease or chronic illness but this is beneficial for anyone looking to encourage the excretion process. Say what?

Castor oil is a fatty acid which contains a rare chemical compound called ricinoleic acid, known for it's anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing effects.

Studies have shown that using castor oil packs increases T11 cells, which are white blood cells that create antibodies to support your body's overall defense system. By rubbing castor oil onto your skin over the liver, your lymphatic system is stimulated, which is critical for detox. The lymphatic system is a network in your body that informs immune function. Lymph is a clear liquid that circulates between tissues and organs and excretes waste.

When castor oil is absorbed through the skin, lymph flow is improved, accelerating the removal of cellular related toxins. It also reduces swollen lymph nodes. There is an overall improvement in organ function and energy.

Want to try it out? Here's how:

What you'll need 
* A high quality cold pressed castor oil, I like this one 
* Piece of flannel that you don’t care about. You can cut a cloth into rectangles to cover your liver. 
* plastic wrap
* heating pad (you can use a heated water bottle if you don’t have a heating pad)

I recommend reserving 20 minutes to an hour for this. The easiest time to do this for me is before bed when I'm lying down and reading. I put a towel under me and wear clothes I don't care about as the oil can stain clothing.

1. Rub castor oil on to your liver, located on the upper right portion of your abdomen. Use about 1/2 tablespoon of the oil and massage it into your skin.
2. Cover the coated area with a piece of cloth. Layer the cloth with the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will trap the heat from the heating pad and also keep the castor oil in place. Note: If you plan on doing this nightly, you can re-use the flannel cloth. Just store it in a BPA-free container until your next use.
3. Place a heating pad over the layers you’ve created and rest for about 20 to 40 minutes. I recommend doing this on a nightly basis

Tip: If you have inflamed joints, you can use this same method on the area of inflammation to decrease inflammation.