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"Working with Brittany was great, and I can definitely say I feel a huge difference every day now. My boyfriend and I had a very non-specific ask; we just wanted to be "healthier" and set ourselves up for healthy eating as a lifestyle. Brittany was able to dig in and really understand what we needed, and craft an easy-to-follow plan for us. Within just the first few weeks, we felt better and make healthier choices everyday, and it didn't feel like a chore at all. She followed up with more tweaks for further improvements which make everything doable and not overwhelming.
Looking forward to finishing our sessions, and staying in touch!"

-Hilary D.

"Brittany spent over a month (4-5 sessions) working with my mom to help her understand and develop a more holistic nutrition plan.  My mom's goal were simple: 1) remove any ambiguity on what foods are good for you (long-term health, digestion, etc.), 2) lose weight in a healthy-manner, and 3) actually stick with it!  Brittany is wonderful because she not only knows her stuff, but she actually has the bedside manner to understand and eliminate the roadblocks someone may have in sticking to a diet.  My mom had a wonderful time working with Brittany - she lost weight, was smarter with her food, and most importantly was confident in not falling into her old habits.  Highly recommend Brittany to anyone!"

-Kiran R.

"Throughout my whole life I have always considered myself a relatively healthy person. I play sports, work out consistently, and try to eat healthy. Over the past two year, I developed the nasty habit of binge eating when negative feelings or complications arose in my life. I gained weight and started to become extremely unhappy and self-conscious about the way I looked.  I lost confidence and would even refuse to go out with my friends on weekends due to my body image and depleted confidence. I also started noticing that I lacked energy and became tired easily.

 When I began working with Brittany, I learned the true importance of nutrition and how it can affect all aspects of your life. For majority of my life I had always been told to stay away from fats, yet Brittany demystified the idea of fats being bad and actually informed me that fats were crucial to weight loss and a healthy, functioning body. After just one week I started noticing huge changes in my body! I had a ton more energy and I was already down a few pounds. The food Brittany was advising me to eat helped me feel full for a longer period of time; decreasing my want to binge eat. As I continued to work out and follow the nutrition plan Brittany had laid out for me I started to lose huge amounts of weight. In about a month I ended up losing over 10 pounds!

Brittany not only helped me attain my goal weight, but also taught me an extreme amount about nutrition and helped me gain my confidence back! During the whole process she was so kind and easy to work with. She helped me analyze the source of my problems, listened to my goals, and then provided me with a structured plan in place to fulfill them. I cannot thank Brittany enough for helping me finally feel beautiful again!"

-Clare R.

"I had been feeling really off for about six months until I started working with Brittany. Her approach to health is very holistic and warm. She helped me think through several aspects of my life that were not functioning optimally for my overall wellness and happiness. If you're looking for someone to help get you out of a funk, or even improve upon already good habits, she would be great for you. I'm so happy that I was able to work with her and bring her good vibes into my life. She's also so knowledgable about nutrition but doesn't push her views on you in a judgmental way. I really appreciate and enjoy her style of coaching."

-Emily W.