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Lemon Garlic Pulled Chicken Salad


Lemon Garlic Pulled Chicken Salad

Brittany Carlson

This is the perfect combination of warm and savory flavors over crunchy lettuce. The warm chicken and its juice help breakdown the kale for a less bitter taste.

Break out the slow cooker! This is the perfect thing to make on a Sunday and have for the entire week over salads. It is best served warm, coated with the delicious lemon-garlic broth. I use the sauce as my salad dressing and I love mixing in the cooked garlic and lemon!

What You'll Need (for the chicken) 
* 2 heads of garlic, cut in half
* 1 lemon, sliced thinly
* 1 whole chicken
* rosemary or italian spices
* 2 tablespoons ghee
* salt + pepper


1. Put ghee in slowcooker. Set your slow cooker on high until the ghee melts.

2.  While ghee is melting, clean and rinse the whole chicken and pat dry.

3. Coat chicken liberally with salt, pepper and italian spices.

4. Once ghee has meleted, put half of the lemon slices and two of the garlic halfs on the bottom of the pan. Place chicken on top.

5. Fill chicken cavitiy with half of a head of garlic. Please remaining lemon slices flat on chicken. 

6. Set slowcooker on low for 12 hours. It will fall right off the bone. Yum!

Lemon Garlic Pulled Chicken Salad - best when served with warm chicken!

What You'll Need

  • 1 romaine heart, sliced

  • 2 large leaves of dino kale, ripped into bite size pieces 

  • sliced red onion

  • fresh lemon to squeeze on top 

  • Lemon Garlic Pulled chicken -- when it's hot!

  • A few tablespoons of broth from the Lemon Garlic Chicken


Start with the sliced romaine as your base, then add the dino kale pieces and red onion. Add as much Lemon Garlic Pulled chicken and dress the salad with the broth at the bottom of the slow cooker. You can eat the lemon and garlic too from the slowcooker too-- it all tastes great in the salad. Salt to taste and enjoy!

Slow cooker lemon chicken. Eat the lemons and garlic-- they are so delicious!