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I believe that food is medicine.  I believe in eating real food. I believe that a clean diet is the foundation for health.

Counting calories, gorging on your weekly cheat day or taking diet pills are more damaging than helpful to your overall health and happiness. Instead, learn why and how the food we eat directly effects our metabolism, mental state, appearance and overall quality of life. 

The food we chose to fuel our bodies, in addition to the environment we live in, greatly determines the expression of our genes. I truly believe that we can achieve health and wellbeing by healing our gut microbiome. I see the truth in this in my work with clients and my own body. While food may not be the only healing mechanism for you, it is the first step in supporting your body’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate. 

Many health issues could be prevented with more conscious choices around food. I believe that having support and someone to hold you accountable greatly influence success-- whether it is losing weight, preventing disease, managing a diagnosis or simply re-energizing.

As your health coach, it is my opportunity to support and motivate you to make decisions that will positively impact your health. We will identify and resolve nutrition imbalances and behavior patterns that keep you from feeling and looking amazing. In partnership with each other, we will manage these challenges and develop strategies to overcome them for the long term. 

Step by step and without turning your life upside down, I will work with you on how to implement strategic and positive changes into your daily life. It is my goal to empower you to maintain a routine that works for you in the long-term, so that when we part you are equipped to follow through with these changes. Through the food choices we make, you have the ability to unlock great mind and body potential. 

I am here to support you throughout the way.